Sunday, May 16, 2010

Minutes from May 5 General Meeting

Date: May 5, 2010

Location: Metcalf Hodges Accounting Firm conference room

Meeting called to order at: 6:35 pm

People present at Meeting:

Mariann Carrasco, Heather Harris, Julie Straight, Bob Ryerson, Lori Crawford, Danielle Love, Edradine Hovde, Trisha O’Connor

Unanimous approval to accept minutes from past meeting

Old Business:

Discussion on Adopt-a-seal program, donating seal prints. Decision was made for charge $20 per print/certificate for the harbor seal, $30 for harbor porpoise, $40 for gray whale, $50 for Steller’s sea lion, $75 for the killer whale. We will do a certificate with a stuffed whale or seal for kids and families. Bob will make a table of items that need to be discussed with vendors and send it around to Danielle, Trisha, and Edradine who think they can approach some printing companies so we can figure out costs to print. Bob’s vendor is charging $110 for 50 prints.

Mariann, in Carley’s absence, gave a brief summary of the grants process. Carley is working on a draft now.

Vancouver Aquarium is tentatively scheduled for May 16th. Space is limited to 10 people, first come first serve. Carley to get back with us this week for final arrangements.

Bob to send me details on Blaine coming up this weekend to set folks to sign up. Trisha, Julie, Sonia and Bob are scheduled now.

Ski to Sea, Memorial Day weekend is the next event. Please contact Bob if you are available for this event. Mariann can do the afternoon.

Mariann reminded everyone to send their hours/expenses to Bob at the end of each month.

Seal pup triage needs to be approved by NOAA before we proceed.

New Business:

Oil Spill: no updates right now. Go to website to find out how to volunteer.

Prior to the regular meeting a quorum of the board met and accepted the resignations of Rose Lavoie as Volunteer Director and Robert Ryerson as Director of Education. Verbal elections were held and Heather Harris was approved unanimously as Education Director and Robert Ryerson as Volunteer Director, to serve the remaining terms of office. Trisha O’Connor was voted to take over as Development Director when Sonia Hurt vacated that office in the next month or so. Sonia will get together with Trisha in the next month to transfer all her information she has collected.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Mariann then proceeded to present information that was presented with various papers at the National Marine Mammal Stranding Network Conference. She recommends that we put in our budget for 3 people to go to the conference next time, as it was an excellent conference and so much information was gathered.

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