Monday, July 26, 2010

Recent stranding news

On July 15th, the Whatcom Marine Mammal Stranding Network received a call about a seal pup at Birch Bay.  The pup was located on a populated portion of beach below the Blue Fish Restaurant.  An adult female Harbor Seal who appeared to have been the pup's mother was found dead near by.  The cause of death appeared to be complications with the birth.  The pup was very healthy and active but without a mother to nurse him and was in need of help as beach goers, kids and dogs were harassing the pup.

Volunteers arrived to crate the pup for a quick transfer to the Wolf Hollow Rehab Center in Friday Harbor and put him on the next flight.  The pup is now doing well at the rehab facility and is a boy.  His name is Dogwood and we hope he can be released into the wild again soon, probably in late September or early October.
The volunteers who participated in this days event were:
  • Marcia Steadman
  • Katharine Sell
  • Shirley Sell
  • Stasi Edgar
  • Lynn & Michael Bowland