Monday, April 19, 2010

General Meeting Minutes 4/17/10

April 17, 2010

Metcalf Hodges Accounting Firm conference room

Meeting called to order at:
2:00 pm (1400hrs)

People present at Meeting:
Mariann Carrasco
Heather Harris
Christi Spangler
Trisha O’Connor
Edradine Hovde
Danielle Love
Victoria Souze
Mike Etnier
Lynn Bowland
Mike Bowland

  • Unanimous approval to accept minutes from past meeting

Old Minutes:

  • Discussion on Adopt-a-seal program, donating seal prints. Victoria presented her ideas. Everyone would get a certificate (she handed out an example) and we would do it for 6-8 species, maybe varying the amount of the donation by species for those that want to donate more or less. Price still to be determined after asking Bob. We could do a certificate with a stuffed whale or seal for kids and families. Oriental Trading catalog has special prices for these critters for non-profits. We all agreed this seemed like a good idea but wanted to wait to finalize after Bob tells us what we should charge for one of his prints.

  • Mariann is going to pursue getting a space with Port of Bellingham for use in necropsies and maybe storing supplies.

  • Discussion on grants was tabled since Carley was not here.

  • Basic Kits are now assembled (mostly) and available for purchase ($15).

  • Seal Pup Triage protocol was discussed and handed out. Stacy will have an on-site training for the qualified individuals soon.

  • Mariann reminded everyone to send their hours/expenses to Bob at the end of each month.

New Business

  • The gray whale that stranded last week that we worked on was discussed and slides were shown during the potluck for those interested.

  • Beach surveys are being started. It was felt that monthly surveys may do a better job of revealing how many strandings we really get, and it gets everyone out enjoying a worthwhile job with family members or friends. They can be done at any time of the month with anyone you want. Everyone present signed up to survey a beach of their choice once a month. You only report anything if you found anything. There are still a few beaches left to sign up for, for those that couldn’t attend the meeting. The beach areas still left are Chuckanut Bay South, Gooseberry Point West and East Side (we may not be allowed access to these beaches), beaches around the city of Fairhaven, South Side Semiahmoo Spit, West Side Semiahmoo, West Side Drayton Harbor, Head of and East Side Drayton Harbor, Nooksack River Delta/Marietta (kayakers anyone?) Beaches around the City of Blaine, BP to Conoco Phillips refinery (accessed by the Gulf Rd that was used for last year’s gray whale stranding), Sandy Point, and Red River Delta (kayakers anyone?). Call or email Mariann to go over the maps with her and sign up for a beach if you are interested.

  • Events that are coming up that Victoria is looking into signing us up for that we have not already discussed previously are May 1st Opening Day of Boating Season, Old Fashioned 4th of July at Blaine, Old Towne days end of August, Memorial day Ski to Sea Race. We will be looking for volunteers to staff the booth during these events.

  • Mariann will get more whale watching guideline flyers from Kristin.

  • Next meeting will be held on May 5th at 6:30 pm at the M/H building. An emergency election will be held for the Education and Development (fundraising) director positions at this meeting so if you are interested in these positions, please let Mariann know. Mariann will also be presenting all the info she learned at the National Conference.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm.

Mike Etnier presented us with a talk on whale teeth and how he and another follow researcher have sliced up teeth to determine age and diet of these animals. It provides us with a good historical record of what the animals used to eat compared to what they are eating now. Awesome talk! 

Post Submitted by:
Marianne Carrasco
Principal Investigator


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